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Photo editing at it's best! Why bother with all those complicated photo editing programs out there. Do you really want to spend all your precious time trying to learn new software when you could be spending that time with your kids or family? Image editing and altering can be a very complex and time consuming task for most people. Free online photo editing and home photo editing software are great for those who have tremendous amounts of time to dabble around in, but what about those who do not have a lot of time? Most of those applications have so many buttons and tools to drive someone new to all of this absolutely insane! We provide excellent professional digital photo services, photography services, photo restoration, photo repair, photomanipulation, and image editing for all your daily needs. We have excellent photo editors that can do just about anything to your photos. We have excellent photo editors that fix photos for a living and have been doing it for many years.

Have you ever wanted to see what color your room or living room would look like if you were to repaint it? We can digitally color your walls so you can see what it might look like before actually going out and buying paint.

Architects out there, do you have an empty lot that you need your building design in? Send us the 3D model and we can render and paint your virtual building into the photo!

Women and men who want tattoos out there, why not digitally place them so you can visualize the tattoo on your body before even going under the needle?

We at DigitallyManipulated believe that PREVISUALIZATION is the KEY to saving precious time and even money! Being able to visualize something in a photo before you take the plunge can really save you precious time, money and a whole lot of headaches!

Check out some of our work we have done for some FLICKR members! Take a look at our SAMPLES on FLICKR!

Do you need COOL looking profile pictures for your Facebook, Myspace, or any of the other social networking sites? You've seen them, the profiles with those crazy cool pictures with the neat looking backgrounds and awesome font layouts! Get everyone's attention with some crazy cool photo edits to your favorite photos!

Have you ever wanted to see what you might look like with different make-up colors and schemes? We know you're out there! You want to try that new colored lipstick or that new colored eye shadow, but you don't want to keep on buying those different colors and shades only to find out it's not you!

Want to go from flab to fab in a blink of an eye without even having to exercise? Or do you actually need a little junk in your trunk? We can digitally remove guts, shrink and narrow faces, trim down arms and legs, you name it. We can make you taller or shorter if you desire!

Need to add a few objects and remove some other ones to a picture? We can spice up your photos if you ever wanted to add objects that were not there during the picture taking. We can also remove all those extra miscellaneous objects that make the shot look too busy.

Have you ever taken a picture and forgot to put in those favorite accessories like those diamond earrings, or pearl necklace? So you finally got that almost perfect shot of you two looking ever so sheik. You’re thinking that those hot little earrings and necklace that you wanted would totally complete the shot but you never bought them. Well you still don’t have to buy them… we can photoshop them in for you so that your favorite photo will be complete!

Ever wanted to see how you might look with a few EXTRA pounds and less muscle, or how about a few LESS pounds and lean and CUT? For all you narcissistic/shallow people out there (just kidding) we can make you a whole new person without going under the knife or eating everything in sight.

Ever want to see what you look like with different style and color of hair? Or even facial hair? I have always had problems growing facial hair. I always wanted to grow a goatee but never could because all I got was ugly patches of hair.

Have you ever wanted to change the color of anything in the photo? Or even add a shade of TAN to your body in a photo? Or maybe you didn’t like the color of makeup you wore in the photo? Color changing objects is probably the easiest of all to do. Whatever colors you want we can change it to your liking!

Do you have photos where ONE person out of the whole group is not looking? With most group photos, people tend to take a few of them for those “just in case” moments. Sometimes one or two people end up not looking at the camera or someone blinks. We can fix that. We can frankenstein heads, bodies, hands, feet, etc… anything to make the shot look right again, and everyone looking at the camera!

Do you like the way you smiled and posed but hate the background and your surroundings? Tell us where you want to be, what scenery you want instead of the current one and we’ll make it happen! Be anywhere in the world that you want to be!

Do you have a picture of yourself that you really like, but not to fond of the other person in the picture anymore? We can paint out that “Ex-factor” and paste in any hottie you wish to be next to. In this digital world, anything is possible! Let’s make those dreams come true for you!

Why not just take a picture of the house without the cars you ask? Realtors trying to sell houses that people currently live in, but do not want to disturb the occupants of the house, can simply drive by and take pictures the way the house is, personal cars outside or not, we can get rid of them. Any unwanted neighborhood cars can be painted out!

Anaglyph 3D SERVICE available!

Tired of those ordinary photos? Want us to add a little UMPH to it??? How about seeing it in eye-popping 3D where the subject seems to jump right out at you! We can convert any ordinary photo to Anaglyphic 3D photos that you can share with your family and friends and see your photos in a whole different dimension! Anaglyph, Anaglyph3D, Anaglyph 3D, Anaglyphic 3D photos

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