Facial Flaws are normal. Even the hottest models and Hollywood stars do not have perfect faces and need to be airbrushed from time to time. We do not just simply blur the picture and hopefully the flaw will go away. We actually paint out in detail, section by section, so that it looks much cleaner overall but not too clean that it looks unreal!

Photo Repairs

In this example, we paint this gentleman's facial flaws out of his wedding photos. Men usually do not care about this stuff but their wives sometimes do! It's that special day and everything should be perfect!!!

Photo Fix



Not everyone can afford a wedding on the beaches of Kauai. This couple really wanted a nice beautiful outdoor beach wedding, but it would have been too difficult for the family to get there, plus the Catholic Church does not allow outdoor weddings unfortunately.

Photo Manipulation

To help the couple out, we cut and pasted them into a picture with "Spouting Horn" errupting in the background in Kauai!




Sometimes people want to do fun and cool things to their photos. Adding and removing people, objects, and logos allow people to customize and personalize their photos.

Photo Editing

In this case someone had a great idea of trying to get a custom message in the ice for a Sharks hockey game. His girlfriend is an avid Sharks Fan so he though maybe a special "Will You Marry Me" message in the ice would be a unique great idea. We painted out the logos in the middle and it allowed him to place whatever logo or message he wanted to put in later.

Digital Painting



People love gags and funny photos. Why not have some April Fools fun all year around and make up a scenario that you know would trip people out???

Cool Photos

What's this? JAWS sighting near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! Stay away from the waters!

Fun Pictures



What an adorable cat! Don't you just want to reach in and pet this really cute kitty?

Pet Photos

Put on those red and blue 3D glasses and she will pop out at you now! We can convert your ordinary plain old photos to EYE-POPPING 3D photos!

Anaglyph 3D

For our other samples, you can check out our FLICKR profile:

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